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Acupuncture’s Heart Helping Effects Examined Further

It is widely believed that acupuncture is a healthy and effective way to treat heart disease and injury. Millions of Americans suffer from heart disease and many may not want to turn to expensive procedures or medications. Even western medical procedures can lead to complications in the heart afterwards. A recent study set out to find physical evidence as to why acupuncture helps recovery from heart disease and injury. Their studies on animals were thorough and specific as they examined the genetic processes being activated due to acupuncture. They found that genes were up-regulated which affect protein production. They concluded that in their testing electro-acupuncture significantly helped in the animal’s recovery from heart injury. This research does not prove that acupuncture heals a damaged heart but it proves that it stimulates the genes linked to reconstructing the damaged parts of the heart. This in conjunction with other research on humans with heart injury is leading science to take another look at acupuncture as a viable way of fixing broken hearts.

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