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Suzanne’s Testimonial- Neck Pain

I have suffered from chronic neck pain for years (cumulative damage from cars, ski and bike accidents).  Chiropractic wasn’t yielding any long term relief but I wasn’t willing to take pharmaceuticals or do surgery.  I was just trying to “survive” each day; I felt like I was drowning in a haze of pain coupled with bone crushing fatigue and debilitating dizziness.  Showering and getting dressed was more than I could face some days—at 49 years old I was feeling seriously pathetic.
Finally on September 8th I just couldn’t stand it anymore!  I left a voicemail at Melton Acupuncture based on the excellent Yelp reviews.  Daniel called back almost immediately and was able to schedule an appointment for the next day (my desperation must have been palpable at this point).
Daniel’s professionalism and compassion put me instantly at ease when I saw him the first time.  He is soft spoken and funny, but very focused and efficient.  I felt perfectly comfortable sharing my history with him in our consultation; he is very easy to talk to and confide in. I have never had to wait for an appointment and his office is very serene and calming.  The treatments are so relaxing that I often wish I could lay around a little longer after we are finished.
I have seen Daniel eight times in the last 6 weeks and feel as though I am emerging from a dark cocoon and spreading my wings to fly!  I have energy for the first time in years and am able to go for days without obsessing about how much my neck hurts—truly liberating!!!
I highly recommend Daniel for anyone seeking a holistic solution for pain relief. Life is too short to just “survive.”  Choose to THRIVE!
Suzanne D- Gilroy, CA
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