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Jennie B.’s Testimonial: Labor, Celiac Sprue, Stress

The main reason I came to see Daniel was to induce my labor. I was about a week and a half overdue and really wanted to have a natural birth. My OB/GYN suggested acupuncture. I called around the Gilroy/Morgan Hill area for an acupuncturist and on my fourth call I spoke with Daniel at Melton Acupuncture. Right away I synced with Daniel. He knew what I wanted and needed and could see me that very day! I was very nervous about acupuncture, as it was something I never saw myself doing. Daniel calmed my nerves by answering several questions about the process, Daniel was very patient and professional. My first initial visit, Daniel sat down with me and we talked about what he would be doing. We went over medical history and any areas he should be concerned about. Again, I was very impressed with his professionalism and advanced knowledge of the body. My first visit was successful, but still no baby. We made a second appointment where Daniel switched up the treatment and added an extra element. We scheduled a third, but I never made it to the appointment because I went into labor that morning. To this day I still think of Daniel as my healer. I gave birth to a very healthy Nine pound baby boy, NATURALLY without any complications. During labor I was able to focus on the relaxation element that acupuncture offers and was very thankful I called Melton Acupuncture. I continue to see Daniel for Celiac Sprue, and stress/tension. I would highly recommend Daniel to anyone out there who is in need of a natural, alternative choice. We have so many choices we get to make about our bodies, why not start feeling good, it starts with Daniel at Melton Acupuncture. I cannot say enough positive things about his practice.

Jennie B- Gilroy, CA

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